We are so strong. We have it all so together. Just ask the media. The movies always know best.

I love hiking. There’s something so unbelievably pure about being in the mountains with nothing but the pack on your back. Even the sweating you do to get there somehow seems… right. The only way to get to the best places is by pushing yourself.

I went hiking a while ago. Along with the provisions and gear, I took with me a minor injury. While it started out as just a nuisance, as the mountains grew, so did the pain. Knowing that it would just get worse if I kept putting strain on it, I did the right thing and manned the hell up.

Which means I kept on going without making a sound. Well, maybe making a little, just so people around me would ask what’s wrong, giving me the chance to look cool. Silent suffering is seriously awesome, guys. Just taking a little weight off my back would have helped a lot. No one would even have thought badly of me for doing this. The only thing that kept me from stopping and asking for the help I needed was my pride. Because it is weak to ask for help when we need it, even if we know we are destroying ourselves.

Just keep telling yourself that you’re strong. Just keep your head down and push through the pain. Just bite down and huck it. Don’t deal with the problems and don’t deal with the symptoms. Above all, don’t show it. It’s the mantra of our modern existence. We’re so afraid of appearing weak that it’s bordering on delusion.

The reality is that we can’t always be strong. Sometimes we need help to bear things that would be impossible to cope with alone. If someone broke their leg and refused a cast and crutches, we’d say they’re stupid. Yet we do it every day.
We get broken sometimes. It’s not even always our fault. And we sometimes need help, because nobody is strong enough to face everything alone. It’s the reality of our messy life that we sometimes need support to lean on while we get better.

Of course Christianity is a crutch. If it wasn’t, it couldn’t possibly be true.


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